5 Tips to Transform Optimization from Sideshow to Main Event (Part 2)

by Drew Burns

posted on 06-19-2017

Last week, I started a series of posts describing five tips for transforming your optimization program from a sideshow into part of the main event. In the first post of that series, I presented the first tip that my colleague in Adobe Digital Strategy consulting, Debra Adams, shared with me: Making the business case. I also mentioned two big challenges you’ll face with getting stakeholders to buy into your business case and tests — trusting the data and the test design of your individual tests.

These next two tips give concrete steps for building that trust.

Tip 2: Overcome the Data Dilemma.
Today, everybody justifies why their feature or product is important with data. Unfortunately, not all data sources offer trustworthy or high-quality data. People know this, and are understandably dubious of data-backed claims. Take these actions to get buy-in for optimization by demonstrating that your business case and test data are credible.

Tip 3: Do Valid Testing.
When someone pokes a hole in your test design or results, the organization may lose faith in that test — perhaps even in your entire program. Running a controlled experiment that produces valid results requires following established rules of statistical-test design. Follow these important rules to design a valid test:

Next up: Get that Seat at the Right Time — and Maintain It.
Once you’ve earned stakeholder trust in your data and your test design, you’ve likely earned your seat at the table. Realize that the timing of getting your seat is important — you need that seat before the decisions have been made. But you also need to do a few things to keep that seat.

In my final post, I’ll cover the final two tips, Tip 4 (Get your seat before the big decisions are made), and Tip 5 (Reinforce the value of your testing program).

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