Adobe Launches Adobe Advertising Cloud TV for Personalized TV Advertising

Native integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud enables audience-based linear TV planning and buying with first-party data.

For the better half of a century, both advertisers and broadcasters alike enjoyed the security of knowing that TV was the unquestioned champion of media, the most effective and reliable way to deliver a message to millions.

But the rapid fragmentation in consumer attention — accelerated by the spread of high-speed broadband internet, smartphones and social media — means that TV advertising isn’t as effective as it once was. A typical buy achieving 200 gross rating points (GRPs) reaches 25 percent fewer people today than it would 20 years ago. This reach atrophy – combined with the efficiencies gained from leveraging data to amplify effectiveness across digital channels – has left traditional TV buyers looking for a way to regain their lost reach, and do it in a way that goes beyond basic age and gender demographics.

Which is exactly why Adobe Advertising Cloud, part of the new Adobe Experience Cloud, is thrilled to announce the launch of Adobe Advertising Cloud TV, the industry’s first automated software for linear television ad buying that incorporates first-party data.

“Adobe Advertising Cloud TV is leading the charge for more automation and data-driven targeting in traditional TV advertising,” said Brett Wilson, vice president and general manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud. “This solution builds on TubeMogul’s legacy product with new firsts, including a native integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud for targeting using a brand’s first-party data and cross-screen capabilities that bridge the gap between TV and digital formats.”

The ability to use data to reach a strategic audience — mothers who are in market for an automobile as opposed to Females 25-49, for example — has been a hallmark of data-driven television for years. Now, powered by Adobe Advertising Cloud’s seamless integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud, marketers can finally use their own first-party data segments to inform strategic targeting across linear television. And thanks to Adobe Advertising Cloud Search — Advertising Cloud’s search advertising solution — marketers can now plan and buy linear TV against audience segments that have already demonstrated intent through online searches.
Any marketer can plug their own data into Advertising Cloud’s demand-side platform; advertisers do not need to be pre-existing Analytics Cloud clients in order to use their digital first-party data for traditional TV. Advertising Cloud’s open approach means marketers can activate data from any DMP, and even more importantly, take those learnings with them post-campaign.

No first-party data? No problem! Adobe’s data-driven approach to TV buying means advertisers can easily determine whether a past or present TV buy is effective and whether a new approach is needed to reach a specific audience. Notably, Advertising Cloud’s exclusive access to TV manufacturer data provides minute-by-minute insights as to what content a viewer is consuming on their TV, enabling marketers to index consumers based on their viewing history and build a TV plan to reach that audience. This data is collected in a privacy-safe manner from consumers that have opted-in to an enhanced advertising experience.

But our data offering goes well beyond just TV manufacturer data. Our extensive data partnerships are seamlessly integrated into Advertising Cloud TV, providing advertisers with access to:

The solution seems perfectly timed: Programmatic TV advertising is forecasted to grow 206 percent this year, eclipsing $2.16 billion, and double in 2018 to $4.4 billion. As investment expands and new entrants make the space more competitive, what separates Advertising Cloud TV from the pack?

“Not only is Advertising Cloud TV the most comprehensive platform available, but our unique position as an independent technology provider is conquering barriers to scale the market opportunity,” said Brett Wilson, VP and GM of Adobe Advertising Cloud. “The fact that we don’t own or markup media means that we’re not out there competing for upfront dollars or steering spend toward preferred partners. That earns trust, both on the supply-side in gaining access to exclusive inventory from TV networks and on the buy-side by offering advertisers a platform aligned with their incentives.”

Clients are similarly upbeat. “With TV playing a significant role in Sparkling Ice’s media mix this year, as seen in our recent integrated marketing campaign Be Not Bland™, we wanted to leverage a platform that would help us navigate through the noise and get smarter with our offline strategy,” says Brian Kuz, Chief Marketing Officer of Talking Rain. “Adobe Advertising Cloud TV best positioned us for success by targeting our mass audience efficiently and effectively, while giving us the capability to measure and optimize our first national TV campaign.”

Brought to you from Adobe Experience Cloud’s Facebook page, watch Phil Cowlishaw, Head of Special Operations Consulting, Adobe Advertising Cloud, discuss Advertising Cloud TV and the benefits for marketers.

Brett Wilson is GM & VP, Adobe Advertising Cloud