Adobe x Girls Who Code Partner Day 2017

by Adobe Corporate Responsibility

posted on 06-19-2017

This summer, Adobe will open its doors to 100 high school girls who will participate in a seven-week summer immersion program to learn the basics of coding while creating a network of sisterhood and professional role models through our partnership with Girls Who Code (GWC). This is our fifth year partnering together, and we’re excited to be featured today as GWC’s “Partner of the Day.”

Five female Adobe employees, nominated by their managers, will step away from their day jobs this summer to teach these technology workshops full-time. Meet these women below – see what they are most looking forward to about their experience this summer and what is motivating them to teach.

Brittany Weinert
Sofware Engineer
Seattle, Washington

“I want women and girls to get involved. Even if they don’t take up a career in tech, it’s incredibly empowering to be able to understand the tools we all use on a daily basis.”

Amulya Kunati
Big Data Engineer
San Jose, California

“I am looking forward to some amazing bonding with students and I want to see them grow and shine. I want to be inspired by this experience and return to work with renewed energy and commitment to Adobe.”

Sapna Gathani
Senior Web Developer
New York City

“GWC’s mission – to close the gender gap in technology really resonates with me. As a woman in technology, I’ve experienced first hand the cultural difference in gender diverse teams. Not just that, gender diverse teams generate varied ideas and build better products. It’s good for everyone!”

Suchita Nair
Engineering Manager
Emeryville, California

“I am really looking forward to setting up a collaborative learning environment where students are given the freedom to be productive, creative and innovative while solving problems using the different programming languages and Computer Science concepts that will be introduced to them.”

Husna Hadi
Software Engineer
San Francisco, California

“The Girls Who Code classroom will be a space where girls can feel comfortable exploring these interests and provide a foundation for them when they enter higher education and beyond.”

Read more on our work with Girls Who Code and check out the infographic below for the latest stats on the impact we’re making.

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