How Do I… Create and Share Files With Anyone?

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 06-19-2017

As the digital world gets bigger, our physical world gets smaller and smaller. It’s common for people to work across job functions, across companies, and across the world. But here’s the thing: as our digital world gets bigger, so does the staggering number of solutions, platforms, and applications. According to IDC research, 50% of office workers need to create and share documents with teams who use entirely different systems. So in the age of hyper-collaboration, how do we keep up?

The PDF file format has stood the test of time. For nearly 25 years, Adobe Acrobat has empowered the digital workforce to easily create PDFs from scratch, or even from existing files, and share them with anyone. Whether you’re on mobile, on desktop, or on the go, you can make sure that your document is ready for anything. Check out these tips to simply create a PDF.




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