Strengthening Ties with Developers

by Emily Chu

posted on 06-20-2017

A vital and vigorous online community is an essential part of the way Microsoft interacts with developers and IT professionals. But with only 800 technical authors, it was tough for Microsoft to respond to more than 90 million readers who use Microsoft portals for resources, discussions, and support.

Recognizing that an engaged audience of such as size is valuable to the brand, Microsoft is moving the 5 million articles on its MSDN, TechNet,, and web portals to a new content site, The site uses Adobe Livefyre in Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, to help article owners manage and publish content, and respond quickly to readers who provide feedback.

“To keep our brand strong, we need to support our community through good experiences and high engagement. Customers expect an interactive experience, to be listened to, and that their concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Livefyre gives us the tools to make our content better and improve customer satisfaction,” says Gigel Avram, principal data science manager at Microsoft.

Since implementing Livefyre, Microsoft has seen improved article ratings of up to 30 percent. It’s also improved and accelerated the ability of authors to respond to recommendations and corrections, which makes readers feel more engaged and improves the overall quality of content.

Learn more about how Microsoft is cultivating online communities and strengthening ties with developers using LiveFyre, part of Adobe Experience Manager.

Topics: Digital Transformation