Smart Billing Through a Mobile App

by Stephanie Krausse

posted on 06-29-2017

Norway is known for its natural beauty, including clean glacial water and stunning fjords. It’s little surprise that Norwegians have embraced environmentally-friendly technology with the highest adoption of electric cars in the global market.

Smartly, a subsidiary of energy company Lyse, helps Norwegians live smarter and greener lives through its smart home technologies. While Smartly makes it easier for consumers to manage their energy consumption, people in shared households had a challenge: when charging an electric car, there was no way for people to identify themselves and thus charge the correct individual. Smartly decided to create a mobile app that would give users an easy way to log in at the charging station so the correct person would be billed.

Smartly turned to Backelite, the Digital Service Design division of Capgemini, to help build the app. Their challenge? Build a new mobile app for two platforms in just six weeks.

Backelite couldn’t afford to waste any time. Luckily, Backelite was using Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD) part of Adobe Creative Cloud for business. With Adobe XD, Backelite could quickly build wireframes and prototypes of the app and share prototypes on a mobile device for quick feedback.

“Using Adobe XD, we were able to design, develop and ship a new service in six weeks,” says Ole Fredrik Lie, Senior Designer at Backelite. “We’ve met the deadline, and that would not have been possible without Adobe XD.”

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