How Design Enables Sustainability

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 07-07-2017

Being sustainable goes far beyond recycling and limiting water use. We asked a variety of designers how they minimize their environmental impact through new thinking, new products, and new designs. Check out some of our favorite profiles on people who have used great design to solve the problem of waste in our environment.

Gensler’s Natalie Engels on Designing Sustainable Spaces

Natalie Engels, design principal at Gensler, is well known for her sustainable workplace designs at leading tech companies. Starting out as a hospitality designer in Nashville, Tennessee, Natalie found joy in influencing people in a bigger way. She enjoys studying how different people work, why they are working that way, and if their space can help solve some of the work issues they face. Read about Natalie’s best practices for increasing awareness of sustainability and making it easy for people to participate in a sustainable lifestyle where they work.

John Frey of HPE Explains Sustainable Supercomputing


Frey, sustainable-innovation technologist at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), believes that small steps can make big differences in the effort to save resources. That is why HPE has found a better way to cool supercomputers and use solar power to provide energy for these computer systems. Read about what John is working on to shape a sustainable future.

Making 3D Printing Durable and Sustainable

Buzz Baldwin, co-founder of 3D Printlife, always had a mindset of sustainability and environmental responsibility, but never thought 3D printing could be environmentally friendly. In what he refers to as a “happy accident,” Buzz met with a biochemist who specialized in bioplastics, and Buzz’s whole paradigm shifted. This led to 3D Printlife’s unique, environmentally friendly, 3D printing filament made of durable ABS plastic. Read about Buzz’s path and why you should ultimately question everything.

Green Product Design: Building Products for a Sustainable Future

Vince Dig

neo, Adobe’s first Global Sustainability Strategist, leads the company’s environmental initiatives. He believes that true sustainability goes beyond the basics and should be integrated in the product design process to help business’s customers achieve their sustainability, business, and creative goals. Read how Adobe and other companies have incorporated sustainability into our design process.

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