XD Team Insights: July 2017

by Rich Lee

posted on 07-13-2017

Header image includes work by Joshua Oluwagbemiga, created using Adobe XD.

From the first XD beta in March 2016, we have released 14 updates with eight consecutive releases since Adobe MAX 2016. Throughout this time, we have been increasingly amazed with how you’ve used XD to communicate your ideas and designs. Our mission is to improve XD on a regular basis, with new capabilities or enhancements based on your feedback. This pursuit of innovation is balanced with our goals for quality and reliability, even while XD is in beta.

One of the key new features we are developing is the Asset Panel, which conveniently organizes all the symbols, colors and character styles in your document for quick access and reuse. We are confident that this will be a significant addition to XD, and want to continue testing before making it available. When the Asset Panel is ready for everyday use, it will be released on both Mac and Windows at the same time, as part of our finishing touches to have the same features available on whichever platform you choose.

As we wait for the next XD update, start designing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps today by downloading the Adobe XD toolkit for Fluent Design from Microsoft. The toolkit Includes helpful navigation, input, overlays, and other design elements to give you a head start.

Also, be sure to check out the Apple Developer site, which now includes an Adobe XD file as part of Apple Design Resources. The new UI materials make it easier to quickly design iOS apps in XD.

And while XD has already set a new bar for performance, we’re going even further with major improvements that make XD the ideal solution that scales for any size project. Check out this video to see upcoming rendering enhancements:

Adobe XD Beta – Performance test with 320 Artboards from Corey Lucier on Vimeo.

Although we aren’t releasing an update this month, we will continue shipping improvements on a regular basis. We appreciate all of your feedback, and hope you’re looking forward to the Asset Panel, feature consistency across Mac and Windows, and upcoming performance improvements!

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