A New Marketplace for Motion Graphics Templates

by Dennis Radeke

posted on 07-17-2017

Video is an ever-changing medium. From black and white film to 4K video, from the classic Super 8 to today’s drones and GoPro cameras, the industry has developed exponentially, both in terms of technology and the resulting creative output.

Adobe has always valued being at the forefront of creative innovation, and we’ve been committed to developing the best tools and providing the best motion content for the video community. Earlier this year, we introduced Stock integration in Premiere Pro CC, enabling video creators to quickly and easily submit and sell their clips in the Adobe Stock marketplace.

Our Spring 2017 release included the Essential Graphics Panel, which allows After Effects users the ability to create Motion Graphics templates. These are high-quality, editable motion graphics that can be used by Premiere Pro users but without having to launch After Effects. It’s all the creative power of After Effects, but without some of the potential complexity of an After Effects composition. For editors and video professionals, this presents a powerful new opportunity to increase the quality of their video storytelling without the need to be an After Effects pro.

We are looking to bring well designed Motion Graphic templates to our Creative Cloud community. These new templates will be available through Adobe Stock, and accessible in Premiere Pro CC so editors can incorporate and customize assets effortlessly.

We are looking for qualified content creators to join our motion graphics contributor community. If you have experience creating and selling Motion Graphics templates created in After Effects, and are interested in selling your work through Adobe Stock, please email us at amograph@adobe.com or take this survey and we’ll get in touch with you.


Products: Stock, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Creative Cloud