Automating the Mundane with Workflow Designer

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 07-17-2017

How much time do you spend doing real work? The type of work outlined in your job description—or work you feel makes a difference. According to an IDC study, knowledge workers spend more than one third (36%) of their time on administrative tasks —and less than two thirds (64%) on their core job function. That’s nearly 15 hours in an average work week.

Moving away from the Mundane

How can you shift work away from mundane administrative approval tasks? Tasks like figuring out exactly who needs to sign and what order signatures need to be added, or exactly what documents and what parts of a document need signatures or information. For Enterprise plan customers, Adobe Sign’s built-in Workflow Designer allows account or group administrators to design workflows so the right people get the right document in the right order, every time. Administrators can design workflows that are:

  1. Routed to the right people in just the right order**
  2. Exactly the right documents**
  3. Reusable for consistency and error-free results

Once a workflow is built, everyone else in the organization can use it over and over from a simple drop-down menu during approvals. This short click-through walks through an administrator designing a workflow that can be reused by the rest of the organization—simplifying and eliminating administrative approval tasks.

Getting Started with the Workflow Designer

Administrators can find the Workflow Designer under the Account > Workflows tab in Adobe Sign. The Adobe Sign Workflow Designer Guide helps administrators get up-to-speed quickly on the tool.

Using a Custom Workflow

Once a new workflow has been designed, other Adobe Sign users in the organization can find the workflow available on the Dashboard under the Workflow menu.

So start designing your organization away from tiresome administrative tasks today, using Adobe Sign’s built-in Workflow Designer—and allow your organization to focus on work that makes a difference.

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