Driving Sales with Automation

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 07-26-2017

The marketing services industry is highly competitive and continually evolving. To remain relevant, companies must be innovative, both in term of the content and solutions they offer and how they administer them. Nobody knows this better than the sales teams responsible for building the pipeline of leads and ultimately closing business.

Access Intelligence is a leader in global marketing services with more than 100 client offerings, including webinars, data and digital products, awards programs, e-learning, magazines, and a variety of digital and print communications. The company manages seven key trade shows globally, during which Access Intelligence’s sales team communicates with hundreds of advertisers, sponsors, and exhibitors. Many exhibitors select a booth and sign contracts for the next year’s trade show on the spot.

While the sales team is happy to help exhibitors get the jump on the follow year, there was one downside: paperwork. After every event, it would take the sales team up to a month to process the hundreds of new contracts from a single show. With so much time spent on administration, the sales team had far less time to work with customers and grow the business. Something had to change.

Access Intelligence decided to use technology and automation to ease the burden. The company added Conga Composer to its existing Salesforce solution to help reduce errors and streamline the workflow by merging information and populating fields with Salesforce data. ExpoCad software allowed sales representatives to better manage the floorplan for events and select trade show booths.

The final piece of the puzzle came with Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, which adds electronic signature capabilities to the workflow. Adobe Sign integrates smoothly into the workflow, allowing customers to sign contracts in seconds during trade shows. The sales team gains enormous time savings while improving the security, auditability, and information quality of contracts. With faster contract completion, the accounting team can invoice faster, improving cash flow.

“With the Adobe Sign, Salesforce, and Conga integration, the savings are huge,” says Jennifer Good, Director of Business Operations at Access Intelligence. “The time to complete a contract has been reduced by half, delivering a better experience to our customers and freeing our sales representatives to generate leads. Overall, we are saving weeks of administrative time following events.”

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