Meet the 2017 Adobe Creativity Scholars

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 07-27-2017

We grow from listening to and supporting each other, and the Creativity Scholarships program is about amplifying the work of emerging artists that are inspiring us all. Their art is about creating awareness on issues that matter and aiming to influence the conversation, and it reminds us that it is as a collective that we will shine the brightest.

The scholarship provides college and post-secondary education tuition to emerging creatives who will further their study in a creative field. We’re eager to share the 2017 recipients who inspire us all to shoot not for the moon, but for neighboring galaxies.

Grace Goen
Originally from San Antonio, and with a love for film due to its challenging and intricate nature, Grace wants to use film as a creative catalyst for positive social change.

Sariena Luy
Sariena is from Toronto, Canada is uses her voice as an artist to amplify the voices of marginalized youth.

Reyna Hixson
Reyna uses design to create positive understandings of diverse cultures, she wants to bring awareness to learning about unfamiliar identities through artistic means.

Alice Lammers
Through a belief that the fashion industry is in a unique position to influence society, Alice wants to be a proponent of social change by incorporating social consciousness and cultural reflection through personal storytelling.

Jacob Goode
Jacob sees laughter as a lens to seeing joy in life, and he creates film to bring comedy to everyone to share humor as maintaining universal happiness for all people.

Manish Chowdhury
From Kolkata, India, Manish wants to use film to create a news outlet that tells the stories of underrepresented, he wants to use this platform to inspire youth beyond geographic boundaries to tell the authentic stories of their communities.

Michael Escobar
Using photojournalism as his medium, Michael pushes creative boundaries by amplifying unheard voices through photography and filmmaking.

Gabriela de Carvalho Teixeira
As a bicultural citizen from Mexico and Brazil, Gabriela hopes to create an inclusive place in journalism where different cultures can be diversely expressed in media.

Matheus Felix Da Silva
Through design, Matheus plans to help people all over the world learn self expression through art.

Daniel Duran
Daniel produces and directs films as an opportunity for his audiences to think about change, ponder the future, and discover how they can make a difference.

Rupa Biswas
Rupa embraces her social action filmmaking as an avenue to create a wider outlook on factors that are taboo to society, especially surrounding women and breaking gender notions.

Noel Gasca
Noel creatively uses multimedia journalism as a platform to connect print and video into impactful storytelling.

Jan-Selim Busche
Looking at how fashion has a massive carbon-footprint on the environment, Selim wants to use his textile engineering skills to assist designers in translating creative vision into sustainable practices.

Kate Beacom
Kate uses filmmaking as a way to connect with her audiences through connections to characters that tell a greater story, she uses her films as a way to spark conversations about important topics from sustainability to the stigma of mental illness.

Mayara Araujo
Mayara wants to increase rights and reduce inequality through projects that show a new side to the narrative of the slums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, her home.

Makhissa Sano
Makhissa impacts her community through dancing, she sees this as a method of expressing herself and looking at the world and how to make it a better place.

Sonia Samuel
Sonia uses the power of documentary film to address issues affecting Bangalore, India including education, public health and climate change.

Yasguen Quintero Valenzuela
Yasguen wants to use animation as a tool to connect with the youth and create opportunities for them to combat high levels of school dropouts.

Indrajit Mondal
Indrajit looks at clothing sustainability as a way to impact the community to create alternative income options while also reducing unnecessary material waste.

Sarah Tijerina
Sarah hopes to use her art as a tool to expose the silent oppression in Texas of Hispanic and Xicanx peoples with the goal of making Xicanx theatre an artistic norm.

Corrine Ramirez
With communications as her passion, Corrine is a creative catalyst within her community.

Camille Schmitt
Through art therapy, Camille herself has experienced transformation and wants to empower other women to feel the beauty and positivity and art therapy provides.

Marylys Merida
Through film, Marylys shares her pride for Hispanic heritage with the goal of expressing Latin-American culture and breaking stereotypes.

Feven Mekonenn
Feven utilizes a creative approaches to journalism by addressing social justice issues that are critical to students of color.

Ateswar Mondal
Ateswar sees films as a mirror to society, and hopes to take a stance and ignite their opinions especially in the face of injustice through social action filmmaking.

Topics: Creativity, Sustainability