New Data Science and Sensei Capabilities in Adobe Target

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 07-27-2017

We’re excited to share that we’re opening up our data science and algorithmic optimization capabilities in Adobe Target, the personalization engine of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Using AI and machine learning technologies, brands will be able to insert their own data models and algorithms into Adobe Target to deliver the best experience to customers. We’re also unveiling new capabilities in Adobe Target to further enhance customer recommendations and targeting precision, optimize experiences and automate the delivery of personalized offers. The open optimization capabilities in Adobe Target and the new features are both powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine learning framework.

“Consumer expectations have sky-rocketed to the point that hyper personalization is no longer optional for brands, it’s imperative,” said Aseem Chandra, vice president, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target. “Progressive brands are already developing proprietary algorithms. When integrated into Adobe Target, brands can combine their own expertise with the power of Adobe’s AI and machine learning tools to predict what customers want and deliver it before they ask, driving strong business value and brand loyalty.”

For more information, read our press release and blog posts from Aseem Chandra, vice president of Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe Target; and Kevin Lindsay, director of product marketing.

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