Already Dreading Your Performance Review? You’re Not Alone.

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 07-31-2017

We’re a little more than halfway through the year, but if you’re already dreading your annual performance review, you’re not the only one. Earlier this year, we surveyed 1,500 US office workers and managers. They told us they find reviews time-consuming, stressful, and outdated—many of them just want to toss the whole process out the window.

So, whether you’re sweating over your own upcoming review or the reviews you need to conduct with your employees, maybe it’s time to consider changing things up. We’re really proud of Check-in at Adobe, where we focus on expectations, feedback and growth, with some really helpful guidelines to make sure the meetings are meaningful and motivating. You can read more about Check-in in this month’s Harvard Business Review.

And if all this talk about performance reviews has you wondering how your experiences stack up against your peers, take our interactive quiz to find out.

How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following three statements?

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