Gaining a Digital Edge

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 08-01-2017

For truly progressive companies, innovation isn’t just about creating the most futuristic products or services. A forward-thinking culture permeates every aspect of the company, with employees at all levels striving to achieve more and provide better experiences.

That is the mindset that drives Innogy, an RWE AG company. The established energy company is always looking ahead to deliver inventive, green, and renewable energy to power a digital world. To support its culture of innovation, the human resources administrative team in the United Kingdom looks for ways to provide new and better services to its internal and external customers. That’s why the team decided to digitize workflows and offer electronic signatures through Adobe Sign, the electronic signature solution within Adobe Document Cloud.

With Adobe Sign, documents that need to be signed are delivered directly to customers’ email inboxes. Lengthy document packets for new employees once took up to two weeks for candidates to fill, sign, and return. Using Adobe Sign, candidates can return signed paperwork in minutes. The ability to set mandatory fields in forms helps prevent candidates from returning incomplete or partial documents, improving accuracy while reducing errors that can lead to delays.

The HR administration team typically processes 425 contracts a month. By eliminating printing, the company saves over 2,800 gallons of water, 230 pounds of waste, and 920 pounds of wood every month*, supporting Innogy’s sustainability goals.

In total, the HR administration team saves about 10% of the time previously spent each day preparing documents, improving work-life balance for the team. Thanks to the team’s great success, Adobe Sign is spreading across Innogy and RWE Group.

“With Adobe Sign, we eliminated the costs associated with printing and postage and have achieved strong returns on our investment as a result. Adobe Sign pays for itself,” says Sam Marlow, Lead Administrator at Innogy.

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*Environmental savings calculated using the Adobe Document Cloud Resource Saver Calculator.


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