Alphas, Step Aside! Why Every Business Needs Beta Employees

It’s not the Alpha types who are the real stars of your business. It’s the Betas—the ones who know their stuff and are just getting on with it.

Alphas, Step Aside! Why Every Business Needs Beta Employees

by Jon Bains

Posted on 08-04-2017

So … jumping right in with a bit of consultant speak, you could argue that, in a changing world, the increasingly abstract nature of “management” and the arbitrary assignment of job “roles” with resource optimisation via typical didactic processes leave a culture and innovation gap.

In English:

At The Coalface

Therefore, it’s not all the Alpha types who are important. It’s the Betas. These are the people at the coalface—who may have, in some long-forgotten time, found the mine in the first place. When working within organisations, they are the people I look for first.

Is Everything Old Obsolete?

Yet, for some reason, it’s the Betas who are in jeopardy when looking at any change management programme. They are often the first to leave when businesses hire a Millennial Alpha Dude (MAD) because “disruption and innovation maaan!” Not the Alphas, they pay the bills—you know, the ones who actually DO the work, really run the business, and are generally sceptical of random consultants coming into the room telling them what they already know, already suggested, and already had knocked back because they weren’t random consultants.

Ok, you could argue that as you usher in the new universe of massive disruption, that everything that is old and worn is obsolete, and that the only things that matter are fed to you by your business health dashboard bot.

You could—but you shouldn’t.

Developing any kind of evolutionary business strategy involves understanding loads of bits—joining the dots, making constellations. So why wouldn’t you include the stars when considering what next?

Are You Alpha Or Beta?

As an Alpha manager, perhaps, you should be thinking about the relative value that these Beta people offer. Starting with yourself, of course. It’s worth having a good, long, hard look to see whether you exhibit the kinds of traits that a solid, heart-of-gold Beta has.

If you scored less than six, then, perhaps, you should be looking to update your LinkedIn profile, work on your Dark Tetrad skills, continue reading “Atlas Shrugged,” or have a look around to find those who exhibit these behaviours as they will make you look good.

In a nutshell—the world is a hard-enough place without cutting loose those who are a significant part of the solution.

Be Better … Be a Beta.

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