Requesting Features or Reporting Bugs For Illustrator & InDesign

by Wayne Hoang

posted on 08-09-2017

The Adobe Illustrator and InDesign team is moving to a more transparent feature request and bug reporting process to better connect with you. Starting today, you can log, track, and even vote on new features or bugs on or

We are excited to launch this new platform because it gives you, our users, the chance to engage directly with the Engineering and Product Management teams and stay up to date with the latest status of bugs you have reported or features you have requested.

Although we are changing the platform itself, there are no changes to how you submit feature requests or bug reports. You can still submit them without ever leaving the product, through the menu > Help > Submit Bug/Feature Request dropdown. All previous links you have used will redirect to the new platform.

Again, we are excited to launch this new platform and increase our transparency to improve your experience. If you have additional questions, you can browse our FAQs below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I provide product feedback on or

Can I check the status of a product bug or crash that I just reported?

How do I know when product bugs or crashes are fixed?

How do I provide feedback on the product, or report bugs or crashes?

How can I be more involved in helping Adobe improve their products?

**I just need help using the product or need a question answered. Where can I get support? **

I have a question about my membership. Who can I ask?


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