Saving Thousands of Hours Onboarding Employees

by Document Cloud Team

posted on 08-09-2017

Every week EmployBridge, the largest supplier of specialty staffing in the United States, onboards a whopping 15,000 associates. That’s 15,000 people printing out dozens of onboarding documents and spending hours working with EmployBridge branch office staff to complete every page.

Very few companies ever need to deal with such an incredibly high volume of associates all at once. That’s why EmployBridge worked with management and technology consulting firm Credera to develop a unique applicant tracking system that could keep up with its high-volume needs. With Credera’s custom system, EmployBridge staff can manage, track, and place applicants from a single solution.

To achieve a fully digital system, Credera suggested integrating a digital signature solution. EmployBridge decided to work with Adobe Sign, the digital signature solution in Adobe Document Cloud.

The robust Adobe Sign APIs integrated easily with the custom Credera solution. EmployBridge brands, including Prologistix, ResourceMFG, ProDrivers, and Select Staffing, currently store 154 document templates in Adobe Sign. Having a single location for all templates makes it easier to manage versions and helps reduce the chance of applicants accidentally signing older versions of documents.

Applicants can access and sign onboarding documents from anywhere, even on a mobile device. This is particularly important for EmployBridge as a growing number of applicants use their mobile phones as their primary Internet device. Applicants no longer spend hours filling out paperwork in a branch office. Not only is this more convenient for applicants, but branch staff don’t have to spend time sitting with the applicants. This saves more than 22,000 staff hours weekly across EmployBridge brands, giving staff more flexibility to handle surges in employment, such as the around the holidays when demand for associates rises by 30%.

By eliminating paper onboarding documents, EmployBridge improves sustainability, reduces costs, and lowers risk. Onboarding packets can contain up to 100 pages, and with nearly 15,000 applicants onboarded weekly, going digital saves about 4 million sheets of paper every month.

“Adobe Sign is a game changer for onboarding, boosting savings, efficiency, and compliance,” says Chris Loope, Chief Digital Officer at EmployBridge. “We’re on track to process one million transactions with Adobe Sign in our first year.”

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