Bringing Communities Together in Australia

by Emily Chu

posted on 08-10-2017

Over 24 hours last November, millions of Australians in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane were invited to celebrate their communities. In one day, locals posted more than 35,000 photographs chronicling a day in their lives and celebrating the unique people and culture in their corner of Australia.

This was the magic of #SnapAustralia, a campaign sponsored by News Corp Australia. The goal of the campaign was to help people get in touch with their communities and spark interest in the metro newspaper brands that cover local news better than any other media.

For several years, News Corp Australia ran #SnapSydney, featuring 24 hours of live events and digital engagement in Sydney. The annual campaign was a resounding success. News Corp Australia decided that it was time to expand the event nationwide, but there was one challenge for the event: moderation.

Open engagement was critical to capturing the diversity of the communities, but News Corp Australia still wanted to moderate image submissions to prevent spam or offensive photographs from marring the event’s image. A team of ten moderators manually approved and posted all #SnapSydney images to websites, but to scale the event nationwide, the moderators needed a better way.

The company turned to Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre, an Adobe Marketing Cloud solution within Adobe Experience Cloud that it already used for liveblogging sports events. Filters helped to eliminate inappropriate images, cutting down on the volume of photographs inspected by the moderation team. Automated workflows did the rest, posting approved photographs to the correct website or billboard.

The event was a huge success, reaching an audience of more than 24.5 million people over social media and significantly increasing on-site time to #SnapAustralia landing pages.

“We ran the event in four cities, but the moderation team didn’t grow nearly as large,” says Brad Forster, Head of SEO at News Corp Australia. “Automation using Livefyre allowed us to reduce operating costs as we scaled the campaign by 400% without needing a proportional increase in headcount. It showed us how we can run more profitable events for News Corp Australia and our clients in the future.”

To learn more about how News Corp Australia brings communities together with LiveFyre, read Sharing the World of Australia.

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