Adobe India’s Grassroots Innovation Challengers Invent Digital Solutions for Social Issues

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 08-11-2017

India is in the middle of a digital revolution—they have the second-largest population of internet subscribers (over 420 million) and they’re projected to become the world’s second largest smartphone market by 2020 with over one billion unique subscribers. So it makes sense tackle the country’s biggest social challenges with digital solutions. And that’s just what teams at Adobe India have been up to.

Adobe India recently hosted the Grassroots Innovation Challenge, a government-sponsored competition that asks participants to ideate and innovate solutions for a wide range of issues, from citizen engagement to digitization, smart cities, government workflow and process simplification, and women and child welfare. The Adobe teams developed nearly 600 unique digital solutions.

“The Challenge was the culmination of almost two quarters of planning and coming together of Adobe India employees for a first-of-its-kind theme of nation building. The Adobe offices were brimming with enthusiasm and a genuine zeal for creation,” said Shanmugh Natarajan, managing director and vice president of products for Adobe.

In the first round, teams worked with mentors to develop their solutions. Their concepts were screened by a panel of judges and 45 teams moved on to develop a solution document and a prototype. A jury of senior government officials and thought leaders then selected the top 12 concepts to advance to the Product Shootout at Adobe Noida.

The winning idea, Machine Learning-led Intelligent Core Judicial Solution, optimizes judicial bandwidth, helping address the tremendous challenges faced by the world’s largest common law system. The tool uses machine learning and a natural language processing (NLP)-based service for judgment assistance and intelligent case dossiers. The runner up, Fully Automated Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, uses deep learning to streamline government processes.

“Grassroots was a great platform for showcasing innovation to solve problems that we as citizens commonly observe and don’t feel great about,” said Sachin Soni, senior engineering manager at Adobe. “It demonstrated that technology can solve the challenges government and various authorities face.”

Adobe India will continue to develop the ideas into scalable solutions in collaboration with the Government of India.

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