Investing in Technology to Reach Audiences

by Emily Chu

posted on 08-14-2017

The financial world can be complex and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. For the past three decades, Morningstar, Inc. has made it a goal to simplify even the most complicated financial investment and make it accessible for everyone, whether they’re a professional financial analyst or a home investor.

Morningstar was one of the first financial news outlets to jump onto the Internet, providing financial news over the web. The company understands the importance of keeping ahead of the digital curve, but over the past several years, the company’s in-house tools began to fall behind. To provide more futuristic services, Morningstar needed to upgrade its digital experience.

After decades on the web, Morningstar understands the importance of working with reliable partners to create a future-proof technology platform. That’s why the company decided that its new digital experience needed to be built on Adobe Experience Cloud.

With Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, content creators and marketers can quickly create and publish content without needing support from development teams. This leads to greater agility, allowing Morningstar to publish information about changes to regulations within hours.

Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, provide a foundation for personalization. Adobe Analytics provides real-time insight into audience behaviors, which allows Morningstar to create personas and deliver relevant, custom experiences to all audiences.

“Our customers view finance as vitally important but not always exciting, so it’s important for us to push digital and invigorate our brand with fantastic client experiences,” says Rob Pinkerton, CMO at Morningstar. “Adobe is a trusted digital leader. We know we can rely on Adobe Experience Cloud to stay on top of the digital game for years to come.”

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