Artist Spotlight: Ryogo Toyoda

by Dinah Hillsdon

posted on 08-16-2017

Ryogo Toyoda’s Lego and Nintendo inspired designs come to life in their own toy town world. His innovative use of combining 2D and 3D, and the playful tone of his work have not only led to business success, but also secured him his own creative trademark. We spoke to him to learn more:

ADOBE STOCK: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your creative background?

RT: Hi I’m Ryogo Toyoda! 3D illustrator raised and based in Tokyo. I am working as a freelance since 2014. Previously I was a graphic designer and then 3D was just a hobby for me. I graduated art school in 2011. At that time so many designers shifted from graphic design to web design/UI design. Mainstream was changing, but I wanted to make fun visuals, not web/UI design.

AS: How would you describe your style?

RT: I usually try to build city of miniature model and characters living in there, and fill objects on this small world. I’m very influenced by Lego and Nintendo game that I played in my childhood.

**AS: Where do you find your inspiration?

RT: I find inspiration on anything and anywhere because we can make anything with 3D. Inspired from 3D/2D artist on the internet, architecture, fashion, game and so on.

AS: What’s been your biggest challenge to overcome in the design industry?

RT: I’m not sure but I think my biggest challenge was becoming freelance.

AS: What are your perceptions of stock images, and do you think the perception is changing?

RT: I use stock assets as textures since I ‘m a 3D artist. It’s essential for 3D artists like me.

AS: What did you like the most about using

Adobe Stock


RT: We can purchase and download assets from Adobe Stock with a very simple way. Also, there is a great selection of artistic stuff, not only ordinary stock photos.

AS: What’s been your favorite project to work on date?

RT: Giro’d’ Italia I did 2 years ago with my friend Nahuel Salcedo. I have become acquainted with him on Behance.

AS: What are you excited to work on in 2017?

RT: I really want to work on art toy figures. I bought a 3D printer!

AS: What music do you currently listen to whilst working (if any!)?

RT: I always listening to 80’s music. Pet Shop Boys, New Order. Sometimes listening to podcasts of 3D artists.

Greyscalegorilla Podcast

The Collective Podcast by Ash Thorp

I’m not sure exactly but definitely everyone posts their work more frequently and quickly. I think everyone doesn’t take much time to make one piece.

See more of Ryogo’s amazing work on Behance and on his website.


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