Geometry Meets Design

Geometry has always played a central role in design. Some designers have found amazing ways to marry repetition, geometry, and color to make us see the world a little differently. Here’s a collection of notable geometric creations to change our perspectives.

**Italian Geometric Tile Patterns by Daniele De Nigris
Geometry and artistry meets to build impossibly complex designs from simple tile patterns.

**Illustrated Views: La muralla Roja by Ricardo Bofill
**Repetition of right angles create an infinite expanse.

**Abstractions — Vol. 01 by Mohamed Samir
**Neon hues and gradients creates vibrancy in Samir’s reinterpretation of calligraphy.

**GEOM Font by Danilo Gusmão Silveira
**The repetition of 45-degree angles in each character gently guides the eyes to the right.

**A Propaganda Poem by Sebastian Onufszak
**Black, typically a background hue, is creatively foregrounded as abstract geometric lettering.

**The Bully Project Mural: All Sorts by Karan Singh
**Designed by 16 designers around the world, this piece is nonetheless unified by repeated shapes.