Moving Beyond Flash: Providing a Better TV Everywhere Authentication Experience with the New JavaScript SDK 3.0

by Horia Galatanu

posted on 08-17-2017

Today’s browsers are unpredictable in the way they handle Flash content. Unfortunately, this often diminishes the TV Everywhere (TVE) user experience. For example, you may have noticed that some browsers ask users to click a button to turn on Flash each time a web page features Flash content, such as a TVE channel that you’d like to stream.

Here is what this request looks like in Safari:

This type of hurdle illustrates how Flash no longer provides ideal TV Everywhere experiences in browsers. The good news is that TVE authentication doesn’t have to happen in Flash, and Adobe Primetime has released our most user-friendly web SDK for authentication yet, JavaScript SDK 3.0.

The Primetime authentication JavaScript SDK 3.0 provides broadcasters, cable networks, and service providers with a secure, reliable way to authenticate viewers across different TVE experiences in the same browser, while limiting the need for frequent log-ins. Here are five reasons to leverage the new SDK:

  1. Best SDK for TV Everywhere Web Authentication – JavaScript SDK 3.0 goes beyond feature parity with our Primetime authentication Flash SDK by providing a better user experience and by loading faster.
  2. Persistent Authentication by Device ID – JavaScript SDK 3.0 allows users to log in less frequently on any single device. This is done with a new device ID that uses proprietary Adobe individualization algorithms. Earlier versions of the JavaScript SDK used the user’s IP address to maintain an authenticated state for returning users that have already logged in once. However, using the IP to do this forced users to login every time the IP address changed on their device. By using the new individualization algorithms, the new JavaScript SDK can authenticate a user once and maintain an authenticated state for a duration of time even if the device’s IP address changes. This allows a user to login once and then use their authenticated device at home, at work, or via any connection without being prompted to log in for a long period of time.
  3. One Authentication State for All Browser Tabs and Windows – JavaScript SDK 3.0 provides a single authentication state to all tabs and windows in a browser. This is particularly helpful on websites that open video playback in a new window where it opens with the same authentication state as the original window. No additional authentication calls need to be made.
  4. Easy Migration – The Adobe Primetime team has put a concentrated effort into making it easy for developers to migrate to JavaScript SDK 3.0. To migrate, all a developer needs to do is put in a new API and call the JavaScript SDK instead of the Flash SDK. Developers also benefit from more logging and debugging capabilities in JavaScript SDK 3.0, which help them get up and running fast.
  5. Strong Adoption – Over half of Adobe Primetime authentication customers are already using JavaScript SDK 3.0.

Ask your Technical Account Manager for more details on how to get started with JavaScript SDK 3.0 today.


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