Adobe Target for the WIN: AI-driven “One-Click” Personalization Shines at the DMA Innovation Awards

by Kevin Lindsay

posted on 08-29-2017

We’ve always been proud of Adobe Target — not only in terms of what we’ve achieved technology-wise, but just as important, the value that it has brought to our customers over the years. But, today, we’re thrilled to announce that Adobe Target won the Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA) Innovation Award for personalization. The DMA Innovation Awards “showcase the disruptors that are creating innovative developments in the use of data and applying data in groundbreaking ways.” The personalization category specifically recognizes solutions that are raising the bar in helping marketers “as they tackle the latest technologies and tactics that are paving the road to true one-to-one marketing.”

Its consideration set focused on Adobe Target as an “exciting advance on previous technology.” Indeed, for the last decade, Adobe Target has been considered a leader in website personalization and optimization and has been used by top global businesses in virtually every industry. But ours has always been an iterative approach. It wasn’t good enough to have a great product. We wanted to ensure Target was growing, scaling and evolving with our customers to give them the most innovative and effective tools to scale their personalization efforts.

The most recent — and, now, award-winning — example is a new capability in Adobe Target called Auto-Target. This innovation leverages sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate personalized experiences with a single click. Auto-Target is already changing the way marketers deliver more relevant and revenue-generating experiences, and from where I sit, truly represents the future of personalization.

What Separates Adobe Target from the Pack
Most personalization platforms offer basic rules-based targeting and collaborative filtering approaches, combined often with traditional and basic A/B testing features. It’s all very manual and not particularly experience-driven. Does it work? Sure — to a point. But because traditional personalization lacks the automation marketers need to define an effective strategy — or to scale the delivery of personalized experiences — it almost always falls short.

But Adobe Target has raised the bar. Target provides a full spectrum of optimization and personalization capabilities ranging from automated testing to machine learning-driven personalization across all channels. With the addition of Auto-Target, marketers can kick their personalization up more than a few notches — personalizing customer experiences at the one-to-one level with one easy click.

Auto-Target leverages powerful machine learning powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine learning framework, to introduce as many experience variations as marketers choose in order to personalize customer experiences across their digital properties – including websites, apps and IoT interfaces. Then, with one click of a button, Auto-Target automatically evaluates all behavioral and contextual variables to determine the best experience for each consumer. Those experiences are continuously optimized over time as the consumer takes additional actions.

By learning what resonates and what doesn’t with specific consumers, Auto-Target improves experience performance over time, delivering the most relevant experiences possible. Not only is this a huge win for consumers and for brands, but it mitigates the risks that comes with allocating critical traffic to tests. With the backup policy feature in Auto-Target, marketers can always be assured that no variation will perform worse than their best control. The result is that the best experiences will only get better.

What Adobe Target Means for Today’s Marketers
Adobe Target’s DMA Innovation Award win confirms what we’ve suspected all along: consumers demand a high level of personalization and brands are challenged by the scale it takes to deliver these compelling, spot-on relevant customer experiences. With Adobe Target — and, now Auto-Target — marketers can leverage powerful machine learning, automatically introducing countless experience variations with a single click.

Leading brands are leveraging Adobe Target to achieve success with their personalization efforts. Enterprise storage provider NetApp saw a 170 percent increase in click-throughs and a 13 percent lift in engagement using Adobe Target to optimize content for its website redesign. Using Adobe Target, Marriott saw a considerable improvement in gross bookings driven by Rewards members, plus a 50 percent-plus increase in enrollments. Progrexion, an online credit services provider, experienced a 14 percent boost in conversions by leveraging customer insights in Target.

With advancements like Auto-Target in Adobe Target, Adobe is changing the way personalization happens, while helping brands rethink and re-architect their personalization approach so they, too, can deliver the best customer experiences. We’re thrilled to be recognized by the DMA for these efforts and bar-raising achievements. And the best part? This is just the beginning.

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