Driving Better Customer Relationships

by Emily Chu

posted on 08-30-2017

The internet has changed how consumers shop, including the way they shop for automobiles. Rather than visiting dealerships and looking at cars in person, consumers can browse and compare hundreds of models from different manufacturers in the comfort of their own home. While online browsing is much more convenient for customers, it reduces the opportunities automobile manufacturers have to meet with customers face-to-face and deliver relevant information that may sway consumers toward a particular vehicle.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is a major global name in reliable automobiles. Traditionally, the company has focused on mass advertising campaigns over television, newspapers, and magazines to reach the largest possible audience. But with customer touch points changing, Nissan came up with a new strategy — use digital marketing to understand customers’ needs, and create tailored advertisements that will speak directly to the customer.

Nissan decided to build a new digital platform on Adobe Experience Cloud. With Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, Nissan can analyze the behavior patterns of customers online in real time, and build customer profiles. By feeding these customer profiles into Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign, both parts of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Nissan can create custom digital experiences and marketing messages.

One of the best examples of custom marketing is Nissan’s one-to-one email marketing strategy. Rather than sending the same marketing email to a large group of people, Nissan creates custom emails using interchangeable content. Nissan marketers develop a handful of content blocks around color variations, fuel economy, and specifications. Then, Adobe Campaign arranges the most relevant content for each customer into the marketing email. As a result, Nissan can send dozens of email variations with just a few pieces of content. As a result of these personalized, on-to-one emails, open rates increased 1.3 times, and click-through rates grew 2.6 times.

“If we can understand each customer’s needs, we can provide infinite options,” explains Mr. Moyuru Kudo, head of Japan digital customer experience at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

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