Recolor Summer Posters In A Jiffy!

by Wayne Hoang

posted on 08-30-2017

Before the summer is over, throw a last hurrah summer block party with your friends and family. In less than a minute, learn how to personalize a poster for your event and learn a neat technique in Illustrator to change the the color scheme to match your theme in a jiffy.

The best part of all?

The templates are free, and the new Illustrator trick should take you just few minutes to learn.

**Step 1:
**Download the Summer Poster Template here, or look for the Summer Poster Template under New Document > Print.

**Step 2:
**Change the colors of the poster to match your style. First select all objects that you want to change the colors of. Go to Edit > Edit Colors > Recolor Artwork…

**Step 3:
**In the Recolor Artwork panel, select Edit.

Move the color pins in the wheel to adjust all the colors in your flyer. Explore different positions of the pins to find the color composition you like.

**Step 4:
**Customize the poster with your own messaging, and you’re done! Time to party.

Topics: Creative Inspiration & Trends