Adapting to a Changing Energy Market

by Emily Chu

posted on 08-31-2017

The energy market is changing in unexpected ways. Years ago, energy was a one-way street with energy companies generating energy and selling it to houses and businesses. Today, with the advancement of solar and other renewable energy capabilities, energy companies are now in the position where they are working with customers to save or even buy energy.

Constellation, an Exelon company, has built its reputation on excellent customer relationships. The company views this new era of energy usage as a fresh challenge where customers are looking for different types of information and services from their energy company.

One of Constellation’s primary methods of communicating with customers is through its website. The company wanted an agile website that could adapt to the changing market quickly, but the existing content management system was too complex for content authors to use without assistance from the technology team. The company switched to Adobe Experience Manager in Adobe Marketing Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, to give the power back to content authors and free technology teams to focus on IT strategies.

Working with digital agency R2i, Constellation redesigned its website on Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe Experience Manager supports responsive design for optimized display across mobile devices. This means that Constellation no longer needs to manage separate desktop and mobile website versions.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets provides central storage for templates, images, copy, and other components related to the website. Content authors create new websites simply by using Adobe Experience Manager Sites to drag components into pre-approved templates. The process is so easy that content authors no longer need technical assistance to create content, and local managers can maintain websites for their communities.

The next step for Constellation is expanding on the digital foundation with other solutions from Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud. Adobe Analytics will collect data on how customers are responding to different promotions, campaigns, and website workflows. By passing this data into Adobe Target, Constellation can personalize recommendations to best meet customer needs.

“Adobe Experience Cloud gives us the tools we need for a digital foundation to transform our business,” says Michael Cammon, Director of Digital Marketing & Development at Constellation. “Using Adobe solutions, we’re quickly making digital changes that can meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Learn more about how Constellation’s digital experiences shine with new online services created with Adobe Experience Cloud.

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