All about 3D Materials: Wood

by Adobe Stock Team

posted on 09-01-2017

One of the many strengths found in working with 3D assets from Adobe Stock is the ability to easily control and change the material of any surface. By adding one of our many 3D materials to a model within Project Felix, the user no longer has to worry about modifying a surface in Photoshop or reshooting an object in an effort to achieve a different look or feel.

For this article, the first in a series of four, we will look at how different types of materials – wood, glass, metal, fabrics – can be used by artists and designers alike. By using a single model and applying different materials, we can easily visualize what these amazing assets can bring to any scene.

Wood surfaces can come in a variety of colors, styles, textures and types. High polish, rustic tones, cedar versus oak – all of these variables can make or break a final composition. Warm woods with a rougher grain may be more successful in large, industrial spaces, while cooler, polished woods may work better in simple, contemporary environments. Half of the fun of 3D and Project Felix is in the ease with which a designer can explore a variety of materials by just dragging and dropping a new one onto any asset.

For example, Palisander, a type of Rosewood, has a warm tint with hints of burgundy and brown. The wood itself can contain stronger hues of red when polished, or in this case, as a matte surface, reflect a deeper brown. Palisander itself is a strong, heavy wood and is often used by carpenters and woodworkers alike for musical instruments, furniture, flooring, or even for game pieces like those used in chess. This wood surface is popular with designers and artisans due to its dense grain structure and fluctuations in surface tones. By rendering in Felix and then adding some small final touches in Photoshop, the wood surface captures rich, deep tones, useful for a variety of design purposes.

In stark contrast, White Oak is a type of hardwood that has a cool, clean feel. The wood has a closed cellular structure, is water resistant, and therefore, is often used in boatbuilding, making this material a perfect addition for a wooden row boat or for use on a vintage surfboard. The grain is straight with an uneven or coarse texture, and can also be used by woodworkers in construction and furniture design. With the growing popularity of minimalist interior design, this wood with its olive cast is an ideal surface for a retro antique school desk or a distressed wood background. By increasing the glow of this material in Project Felix, the sheen of the surface can be maximized giving any model a bright, sophisticated appearance.

The wood materials available on Adobe Stock are not limited to permutations in grains, textures or color variables. The pattern or geometry of the wood itself can contribute to the decorative effect of any model. For example, parquet is an ornate wood design that is often used in furniture, wood paneling or flooring (often found in triangles, squares or other geometric shapes). This parquet material with its long, horizontal panels and glossy, varnished surface would be an amazing surface for the interior panels of a vintage trunk or this industrial desk. By experimenting with the glow and the translucence, the sheen on the surface of this material can be easily enhanced.

With these wood materials and many others available on Adobe Stock, the possibilities in 3D design are endless.


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