Aspirational Demo: Ryogo Toyoda’s Color-Packed Homage to the 80s and 3D

by Adobe Stock Team

posted on 09-01-2017

This month, as we contemplate where 3D design is headed, we decided to check in with a 3D illustrator and designer who’s ahead of the curve, Ryogo Toyoda. He told us about one of his most recent compositions, “3D.”

Inside the inspiration and the process.

“I always find inspiration from 80s and 90s video games,” Ryogo told us. “In making this piece, I wanted to use a colorful style, and to express the large selection of assets in Adobe Stock.”

Ryogo used 3D models and textures and layered in a wide variety of image styles, including vector icons he created in Illustrator and converted into 3D objects, along with a mixture of organic and non-organic forms. Ryogo’s favorite stock asset for this composition was a handmade tropical leaf pattern because, he explained, “It’s a painting style I can’t create.”


Designing in three dimensions.

According to Ryogo, creating in 3D is a lot like creating in 2D. “In this piece, as always, I focused on controlling the contrast of density and space —which is the same for designing in 2D. I also focused on the balance of bright colors and a dark background,” he explains. “However, when you create 3D, it’s important to consider the look in three dimensions, and how to express the character of materials, light, and shadow.”

Working from stock.

We asked Ryogo for his advice to designers working with stock. He emphasized the importance of planning and style. “Imagine the final result in an early stage of your project. Then you can manage the process and cost of the work,” he says. “Also, I recommend using assets that would take time to make, or ones that are made in a style apart from your own sensibility.”

To learn more, check out Ryogo’s work, catch up on what’s happening in 3D design, and follow 3D artists on Instagram and Behance. You can also take a tour through Adobe Stock’s marketplace of 3D assets, and visit this month’s dedicated gallery of 3D-inspired stock.


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