Create Eye-Catching Facebook Carousel Ads with Adobe Photoshop

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by The Creative Cloud Team

posted on 09-05-2017

Creating online ads is part of every designer’s toolkit. With a few shortcuts, creating a beautiful Facebook carousel ad that stands out is a simple way to help your clients get their message out.

Yshai Sutton is a passionate web and graphic designer. As a self-proclaimed design geek, her goal is to create projects that deliver the best user experiences. Often, that means designing advertisements. In this how-to, Yshai Sutton walks us through her process for creating a beautiful Facebook carousel ad:

I personally love the Facebook Carousel Ads, so I’d like to share with you the easiest way to create them in Photoshop CC.

As you may know, Facebook shows the Carousel Ads with a little separation between each of the cards, so if you want to add an image that would be shown on 2 or more cards, but still looks ‘connected’, you have to design it in a way that ensures the separation doesn’t look weird. A great way to solve that is by using the Photoshop guides and slice tool.


First, create a new Photoshop document. We will be creating a 4-card carousel promoting the PS4 Pro, part of my project with Doto Mexico Advertising campaigns. That means the width needs to be 4 times 1080px (for each card), and we’ll add 25px for each separation added by Facebook, equaling 4395px width and 1080px height.

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Click on “Create”. Now it’s time to add the Guides, so go to: “_View > New Guide Layout…“._ This tool is great for easily creating auto grids.


Once you click there you’ll see a new window where you can add your guides. We’ll be using 4 columns the width of each carousel image (1080px), with a gutter that is equivalent of that space in between each image (25px).

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After that, it’s only a matter of creating your “connected” content and making something beautiful!


When you’ve finalized your design, the next step is to save each card separately. To do so, you can use the Slices tool. It will automatically create the slices based on your created guides when you click on the “Slices From Guides” button in the top bar.


Now you have to save them for web using the menu: “File > Export > Save for web


This time you’ll see a big window showing different options for saving. Select the “Original” tab from the top and select the slides you need by clicking on them while holding “_Shift_“, then click “Save“. In this case, you don’t need any of the 25px slides.

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Select the prefix name for the cards. Don’t forget to choose the “Selected Slices” option to only save the slides you picked.

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And that’s it! Your images will be shared to a folder called “Images.” Now you have a beautiful Carousel Slider Ad for your Facebook Campaign.


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