Media Execs Embrace Marketing Cloud Solutions: Survey

Media and entertainment companies are undertaking replatforming efforts, and adopting marketing cloud solutions to fuel revenue growth, greater advertising impact, and cost reductions, according to a survey from Adobe and Econsultancy of over 200 executives in North America and the UK.

Survey results published in the “Trends, Technology and the Impact of Data in Media and Entertainment” report show an increasing strategic focus on data and technology among media and entertainment executives. Sixty-nine percent of respondents counted retooling their marketing technology as one of their top-two business-related priorities.

Marketing cloud technology has become the most widely-used tool for replatforming. Thirty-one percent of respondents reported using a comprehensive marketing cloud solution. This slightly edges out the 30 percent of respondents who reported using a set of solutions built internally, and the 22 percent who reported using a set of disparate third-party solutions.

For those wanting to adopt new marketing technology, the survey highlights successful outcomes, which make the investment worthwhile. Marketers using marketing cloud solutions, when compared with those using any other technology, report greater strength across five key metrics: efficiency, organizational readiness, total revenue, scalability, and profitability.

In addition, organizations that have undergone significant digital transformation are more likely to achieve better results with respect to revenue goals, KPIs in digital content channel growth, and objectives in digital-only revenues than organizations that have not undergone significant digital transformation.

Read the full report for insights into the mindsets of media and entertainment executives — how they are are enhancing the usability and visibility of their marketing data, which KPIs they’re focusing on, how well they’re staffing for the future, which top product initiatives they’re prioritizing, and how they’re benefiting from strategic investments in data and technology.

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