New Marketing Directions

by David Olsen

posted on 09-06-2017

Garmin is everywhere its customers want to be — meeting them on foot or by car, on the ocean or in the air, at work or at play, and at home or on the other side of the world. The company’s devices not only make sure customers find the right way to their destinations, they also help them get more out of their journeys. It only makes sense that Garmin would want customers to get more out of their digital journeys as well.

The company wanted to seamlessly marry content and campaigns, as well as personalize content according to interest and geography — providing an easier way for customers to find the exact information and products they want. Garmin also wanted to engage with consumers in the most meaningful ways possible, whether that meant reaching out to someone looking for a new GPS, or a sportsman looking for a fish finder.

Garmin turned to Adobe to get its marketing teams on the right path. “Adobe has been a strategic partner for us, sitting across the table from us, asking about who we are and where we want to go,” says Amanda Cichon, internet applications manager at Garmin International. Partnering with Adobe, Garmin chose the Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager solutions within Adobe Experience Cloud.

Integrations between Adobe Campaign and Experience Manager enable Garmin to quickly create, localize, and deliver content across international markets, product lines, and in multiple languages. The content is then fed into personalized email campaigns that target specific audience segments to re-engage with customers who visit or purchase the company’s products.

The efficient digital workflows have not only allowed Garmin to target customers like never before — they have also accelerated marketing campaigns. “What used to take us one or two days or weeks can now be done in one or two hours,” says Cichon. She also notes that the company’s first-year target for email campaigns is to send more than 110 million emails. And Garmin is well on its way to achieving that goal.

Topics: Digital Transformation