Discover a New Way to Create with Digital Products from Moleskine

by Sandy Balzer

posted on 09-07-2017

This is guest post by Moleskine, a 2017 MAX partner. We’d like to thank all our 2017 MAX partners who help make the conference possible.

As we move further into a digital world; consuming music from the cloud, reading stories online, and sketching notes and designs on battery-powered devices, Moleskine has embraced this reality by providing products that bridge the gap between analog and digital products. For Adobe MAX, Moleskine is offering attendees the opportunity to test out their innovative M+ products; an ecosystem of tools that include digital and physical products that enhance productivity and the generation of ideas. Whether you use ink on paper or a digitally-powered device, Moleskine invites you to experience the best of both worlds.

Moleskine Adobe MAX Edition Smart Notebook

Adobe and Moleskine continue to collaborate and work together to create tools that make the interaction between analog and digital products as seamless as possible. The Moleskine Adobe MAX Edition Smart Notebook is just one example of this partnership. Together with the Moleskine Creative Cloud connected app, you can easily transform your hand drawn sketches into workable digital files that can be shared or synced with Creative cloud and edited with other Creative Cloud connected apps, such as Abode illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

To test out this Smart Notebook – made exclusively for Adobe MAX attendees – stop by the Moleskine booth. Love the product? Buy it before it sells out!

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Watch your ideas travel off the page and evolve on screen with Moleskine’s most innovative product to date – the Smart Writing Set. Enjoy the hands-on immediacy of putting pen to paper, teamed with all the advantages of digital creativity.

Ncoded technology allows the Pen+ to recognize where it is in the Paper Tablet and capture each pen stroke as you let your thoughts and sketches flow. The app then smoothly transfers your freehand notes from page to screen in real time, giving you the possibility to digitize text, edit, organize, share and bring your ideas to life. Need to send your notes to colleagues immediately? Simply tap the envelope icon on the page to share as a PDF via email instantly.

Moleskine Smart Planner

To further enable seamless creativity, Moleskine has recently released its latest digital product to add to the growing M+ collection – the 2018 Smart Planner. The Smart Planner combines all the iconic and familiar features of the Moleskine planner with seamless technology that syncs your handwritten appointments to Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and a world of connected apps and services. Simply note down your plans on the page with the Moleskine Pen+ and watch as they sync across your devices, ready for you to consult anytime, anywhere.

Curious to learn more about these new digital products? Stop by Moleskine’s booth to experience the analog-digital-analog experience for yourself.

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