Contributor Spotlight: Guuver and Vynetta

by The Adobe Stock Team

Posted on 09-08-2017

Meet Gumilar and Vera, two of our Adobe Stock templates contributors, who are best known for the bright and creative designs under their monikers, Guuver and Vynetta. Not only do they both produce playful and bold print templates, but they also happen to be married too! We spoke with the two of them to learn more about their work and what it’s like to create under one roof.

Adobe Stock: Can you tell us a little bit about how you met?

Vera and Gumilar: We met when we were in college at the National Institute of Technology, in Bandung, Indonesia, and we became close after working on a design project together.

AS: What was your inspiration to become designers?

Vera: I have loved to draw since I was a kid, and I come from a family of designers – my sister is also a designer. I always saw various types of design work while growing up, which also motivated me. I thought it would be fun, if my hobby became a job.

Gumilar: I started out as computer geek, trying out different design software and learning each of them individually. I started to learn more about design concepts, and this was an inspiration to become a designer. I always saw different types of design in the world, and am interested in trying to create something that reflects the world.

AS: How did you expand your design skills to creating templates?

Gumilar: Before we knew about templates, we started to work one-on-one with clients. We created digital products for 2 years and the first product we built was a Christmas event flyer. I started to find out about markets for templates and I realised the potential in them. I invited Vera to learn about template design with me. The first thing we studied was cross-cultural design. We understood we should be looking into different cultures. This was really important because we figured out the market needs by studying events and happenings from other countries, and design trends happening around the world.

AS: What is it like to collaborate together on projects?

Vera: We have a great time working together. I am great in illustration, and Gum is great at editorial, so it is fun and makes working easier. We do everything as a team, but we always fight about ideas. It can be really hard to match our styles – Gum loves vintage styles and I love to explore simple, minimal designs. Sometimes I will do cute and feminine designs, but in the end, we found what works and it’s a combination of our styles and ideas.

AS: How have you influenced each other’s work?

Vera: We have different design styles, but we are one when it comes to the idea of choosing good design. We always criticise each other’s work and discuss everything. After 5 years of working together, our designs styles have started to blend together, so maybe we’ve finally figured out how to work as a team!

AS: Have there been any challenges being designers that are married?

Vera: When we decided to resign from our office jobs to do full-time freelance work from home, we thought, “this will be easy”. But now, our problem is being able to separate our work as designers and our home life – sometimes when we are working, we feel like we should be multitasking and also doing laundry or cooking. I think after 8 months of living together, we have finally started to figure out how to manage our time better.

AS: How has your experience been as contributors with Adobe Stock?

Gumilar: Adobe Stock is a great marketplace, we can sync everything with Creative Cloud. It is really great to have our templates on Adobe Stock, with the high traffic of potential buyers. We really want to focus on making a great name with Adobe Stock.

AS: What are some of your upcoming projects?

Gumilar: We are preparing to make templates for end-of-year and seasonal events, like Thanksgiving, autumn, winter, Christmas, and New Year’s, so there will be several print templates from us coming to Adobe Stock before the holidays.

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