Inside the Minds of the Winners of the Pictoplasma Character Face-Off Challenge

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 09-08-2017

Check out how these five winners are proving the ways self portraits reveal character ways words can’t.

Character design removes judgement from the equation. It demonstrates that we are artists; we are human. We are not our appearances, we are instead our art.

This was proven more than ever by the insane talents of the 500+ artists who submitted artwork to the Pictoplasma Character Face-Off Challenge, proving the ability of introspective character design to wipe away society’s projection of who we are, and instead, reveal our inner selves.

Find out what the five challenge winners had to say about their winning creations:

Helena Covell is a Huddersfield, UK based graduate of Illustration from The University of Edinburgh, currently completing her first self written and illustrated children’s book. Her bold, graphical visuals are fused with a delicate sense for quirkiness and humor.

“Characters show that anyone can be a hero. You don’t need to be a certain type, you can just be you – perhaps little and weak and a bit afraid – and still be the hero in your own story.”

Bryndon Díaz is a Guatemalan illustrator who draws inspiration from the culture, colors and textures of his country. In his recent work, he is expanding his multi-eyed character-driven explorations to new, surreal dimensions.

“99% of humanity felt the joy of being able to draw when they were kids, but most of them quit when they grew up. As for me, I will never stop – I will always be a character creating other characters.”

Yasmin Islas is an award winning animator and digital artist based in Mexico City, specialized in 3D texturing, modeling and animation. Her CGI work especially demonstrates a mature use of translucent shapes and contemporary aesthetics.

“I drew inspiration from jellyfish – I think they are pretty. But mostly because most of the time, I like to hide in a jellyfish bubble of my own.”

Alice Monvaillier is an illustrator and motion designer with a Master degree of Graphic Design from the École Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine, Metz, France. Her work mixes folkloristic visuals and cryptozoology with a distinct sense for patterns, shapes and texture.

“People think because I’m an introvert that I’m a quiet and passive girl, but behind this mask I am determined and strong, a girl who always fights for what she wants and never gives up.”

Serge Rodas is a freelance illustrator and art director from Guatemala, currently living in Buenos Aires. His latest work extends his graphical style to explore an ever-growing family of hand drawn characters seemingly stemming from a faraway fairy tale world.

“People are sympathetic towards friendly faces – I love the freedom that creating those faces gives because I can reach lots of people with different perspectives and make them read my message.”

As winners, these five international emerging artists will be granted a full fellowship including participation in the Pictoplasma Academy masterclass in Mexico City, six months of ongoing, personal mentorship, and a trip to the Pictoplasma Berlin Conference and Festival in May 2018.

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