Introducing a free, practical guide to creating digital media in any academic discipline.


posted on 09-08-2017

The Adobe Education team is excited to announce the release of a powerful new digital literacy resource for teaching and learning: Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Students and Teachers. Written by Professor Todd Taylor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this online guide is designed for students and faculty in all academic disciplines who want to tackle their work in innovative ways using digital media.

As Professor Taylor states in the guide’s preface, the contexts in which people produce and circulate work continue to evolve in response to new digital and information technologies. He aims to help strengthen students’ and teachers’ creative capacities by teaching them to use Adobe Creative Cloud to solve problems and connect with audiences of all kinds.

The guide “flattens the technological learning curve,” showing how to choose the right Adobe tool for any academic assignment and how to quickly get up to speed and start creating. Chapters cover what Creative Cloud is and how it works, as well as how to create a wide range of projects with Creative Cloud apps and services. Teaching modules include the following:

Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum also includes assessment rubrics and student work samples to help faculty develop their curricula and lesson plans for any class from business to English to the sciences — and to show students what they can achieve.

“The purpose of higher education is to develop students into well-rounded scholars and prepare them for employment and fulfilling careers. Students must feel empowered to learn, think critically, create, collaborate, and communicate in ways that they can transfer to life after education, and faculty has to be able to teach these skills,” said Karen McCavitt, group manager of worldwide marketing for education enterprise at Adobe. “Dr. Taylor’s eTextbook gives faculty and students the tools they need to maximize the Creative Cloud offering and digitally enhance their experiences on either side of the lecture hall.”

Explore the guide today and see how your institution can enhance digital literacy with Creative Cloud.

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