Rocket Beans TV Breaks the Mold with Live Streaming

by Meagan Keane

posted on 09-12-2017

For the past several years, snackable video content has been the rage. Brands commonly viewed short, eye-catching video as the best way to draw in viewers, create viral sensations, and improve revenue. But another type of video has quietly found a growing audience by doing the exact opposite: long-form streaming videos that blur the line between digital and broadcast.

Enter Rocket Beans TV, the first 24/7 live-streaming web channel in Germany. From live-streams of gaming to regular shows featuring pop culture news and reviews, Rocket Beans TV caters to lovers of video games, movies, animation, and more.

“We started off producing the weekly video game digest Game One for MTV,” says Michael Petrescu, Production Director and Head of Programming for Rocket Beans TV. “After 300 episodes over eight years, MTV decided to go in a different direction. Since Game One was strictly video games, we had already started a YouTube channel as an outlet for our other interests. So we decided, why not try focusing our efforts on Rocket Beans TV?”

Long-form content finds audience

Rocket Beans TV streams 24/7 on the live-streaming platform Twitch, delivering about six hours of brand new content every day. Archived live-streams and pre-produced content is also uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel.

“Our content is similar to typical broadcast shows, so it’s often 30 minutes to one hour long,” says Petrescu. “Our YouTube partner manager kept trying to convince us that short, shareable content was the way to go, but we stayed true to ourselves. It’s been a success, and we’ve become known for long-form content.”

Popular live streams can reach upwards of 20,000 viewers at once on YouTube and Twitch. Video game playthroughs, interactive content, and live talk events draw in audiences who want to experience the comraderies of a live gaming atmosphere. Rocket Beans TV incorporates Adobe creative applications throughout its pipeline. Intros, show bumpers, and other digital assets are all created using Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe After Effects CC. After shooting the live production, editors clean up the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects and upload the video to the Rocket Beans TV YouTube channel, where it can be viewed again and again.

Pre-producing content in less time

Pre-recorded content can reach 150,000 views as video on demand. Much like its traditional broadcast content, Rocket Beans TV edits all of these videos in Premiere Pro with graphics delivered through After Effects. Using the Adobe Creative Cloud workflow, editors create hours of polished content in much less time. Rocket Beans TV expects that collaboration and production speed will only grow faster once it implements Adobe Team Projects in its workflow, which allow simultaneous editing over the cloud.

“The popularity of streaming has exploded in a very positive way,” says Petrescu. “We started with about 20 people, and we have about 90 people on staff now. By breaking new ground and staying true to our course, we’re reaching new audiences as pioneers in streaming.”

Daniel Budiman & Michael Petrescu will be presenting in the Adobe stand at IBC 2017 on Friday, September 15th at 5:00 PM (8:00 AM PT). Their presentation on Saturday, September 16th at 3:00 PM will be live streamed on the Adobe Premiere Pro Facebook page (@premierepro).

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