Feature Reveal: Motion Graphics Templates for Adobe Stock

by Dennis Radeke

posted on 09-13-2017

At IBC 2017 in Amsterdam, Adobe revealed a set of exciting new features for our video audience. For Adobe Stock, that includes a brand-new content type: Motion Graphics templates. These pre-built templates provide a seamless way for editors to get access to beautiful motion graphics directly within Premiere Pro, without having to spend time designing titles, overlays, or animations on their own.

More than ever, the world communicates through video. However, these videos often need information like titles, or the names of the characters in the story. Motion Graphics templates not only help creatives increase the quality of the story by displaying crucial information, they also provide strong visual accents to keep the viewer engaged. Today’s viewers are more sophisticated and savvier than ever, so motion graphics are necessary in a competitive media marketplace.

Motion Graphics templates can be useful for video editors of all levels. For novice users, templates provide quality, ready-made content to help their creative endeavor, and showcase best practices, so they can explore and build on their skills. For seasoned creatives, templates are an efficient tool to express their vision, speed up the time to a final deliverable, and provide inspiration and exposure to new workflows.

We’ve sourced our Motion Graphics templates from some of the world’s leading After Effects artists, including Nik Hill, Brian Maffitt, and Steve Taylor, and they are optimized to seamlessly work inside Adobe’s video applications. Unlike traditional After Effects templates, you do not need to have any After Effects knowledge and in most cases, do not need to have After Effects installed. Adobe Stock Motion Graphics templates can be opened and customized in Premiere Pro, so you don’t have to leave your project.

Paired with our extensive library of over 4 million HD and 4k videos, these affordable templates will help video editors realize their creative projects more easily and efficiently. The Adobe Stock motion graphics template collection will be made available later this fall – stay tuned! In the meantime, see the latest from Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Character Animator.


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