Designs We Love, September Edition

by Patrick Faller

posted on 09-25-2017

It’s September, and for many, this is the time to get back to work or back to school in a big way. So as you spring back into action, check out these website and app designs we love, hand-picked by top UX designers from across the world.

Mia Chuang, User Experience Director at Moving Brands

Pick: Calm

Its style of recorded meditation, coupled with the calming tone of voice of each narrator is particularly impactful from a user perspective. It is a prime example of a site where its art direction and identity aptly complements its service offering–the crisp choice of photography, moving image, color, and rhythmic movement sets an expectation that a meditative experience with Calm brings clarity and brightness.

Calm’s microinteractions are delightful. A good example is its “Breathe” feature where an expanding and contracting circle guides the user in inhaling and exhaling. The movement and changing color mimics how a user would fill and empty their lungs, which I feel is extremely effective in conveying an imaginary, solitary space. It’s a lovely, simple piece of microinteraction design.

I’m an avid user of the Sleep experience too, where the app delivers calming sleep stories to adults and children. I find the concept both simple and ingenious as it does the job for a parent spending time with their children before putting them to bed.

Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa, Product Designer and Design Lead at Freethinking Business Consultants

Pick: GetPocket

GetPocket is an online application that allows you to save media quickly, and it also recommends the best, most interesting stories on the internet (what’s not to like about that). While the UI is not strikingly dynamic or creative, its simplicity makes it super easy to view, tag, catalog, share, and archive media.

Scalability is excellent, as I can access the service from web or mobile. With a simple tap or click, I can save an article or video. There is also a cool social aspect that allows you to follow recommended people, people in your contact list, and social media profiles. This enables you to see media that your friends are recommending or reading.

The accessibility features are great and include a dark theme feature for easier reading, adjusting font size, personalizing gestures for readability, and the Listen feature which is my favorite. When I am on my way home from a day in the office I love listening to the articles I saved throughout the day. My phone connects to my hands-free system, and I simply tap the article I would like to hear.

Brooke Francesi, Senior Experience Design Lead at Adobe

Pick: Waze

Tim Hykes, UX Designer at Wells Fargo Advisors

Pick: YouTube

What websites or apps are you loving right now? Let us know in the comments!

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