We’ve got your back, moms

Coming off the heels of our second annual Adobe & Women Leadership Summit, where we announced 100% pay parity in the U.S. by the end of our fiscal year, we are thrilled to announce that for the first time, we’re ranked on Working Mother magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies. We rank no. 67 on their list, with top marks in our benefits, and paid-time off and leave programs. This is a great honor, since some of the programs we’re proudest of that support our working mothers include our Enhanced Leave benefit and Welcome Back program.

Announced back in 2015, our Enhanced Leave benefit offers up to 26 weeks of paid-time off for maternity leave. Since its inception, we’ve had hundreds of employees benefit from the paid-time off and we’ve expanded the enhanced benefit to 15 countries, and continue to roll it out in our other regional offices around the world.

When asked our Adobe mothers how the enhanced leave benefited them, Lisa Reckis, Director of Talent Selection, Products & Technology, said “Chloe was a preemie, so it was fantastic to be able to take care of her from being less than four pounds to the chubby, happy baby she is now. It makes me grateful for the generous maternity leave benefit we have at Adobe.”

Eileen Heng Erickson, Associate Legal Counsel, agreed, saying that “The enhanced leave policy demonstrates unequivocally that Adobe cares about its employees and is committed to child development and maternal health.”

We’re proud to know that our efforts are making a profound difference in the lives of our employees who have utilized some of our offerings. For example, Carly Listman, who was on maternity leave when Adobe’s Welcome Back program was announced couldn’t believe the benefit she was offered. “I assumed I had just gotten six months—it’s time to get back to work. Then the Welcome Back program was introduced, and it’s another 120 days of flexible schedule. I was shocked knowing that this was available when I got back,” she said.

As we’ve come to learn, flexible time initiatives greatly impact the work and life of our employees. Mindy Laponis, who is a part-time employee at Adobe said, “Working part-time at Adobe allowed me to keep my hand in my career while providing my family with the care it desperately needed. I am so appreciative of the support Adobe provided my family and me.”

Although this is our first time on the list, we are committed to continue improving the experience of our working mothers and all of our employees here. Our goal has always been to make Adobe a diverse workplace that works for everyone—where all our employees feel respected and cared for.

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