How to Bolster Your Creative Brand with Adobe Acrobat DC

by Rufus Deuchler

posted on 09-27-2017

A good brand does many things, from building awareness and customer loyalty to helping you differentiate yourself from competitors. It also embodies your values, work ethic, and ultimately, your reputation. That’s why it’s so important to reinforce your brand’s visual identity at every customer touchpoint, whether on your website, your social media channels, company signage, or on any business documents your customers see.

Companies across industries and of all sizes use Adobe Acrobat DC to help build and nurture their brands. From creating business documents to generating creative proofs for review and approval, Acrobat lets you reinforce your identity and values with clients while protecting your intellectual property. Even if your customers or business partners use other tools to collaborate and manage documents, you can still work reliably with them using Acrobat DC.

Let’s look at a few ways Acrobat DC supports more immersive, reliable document experiences while empowering users to build their creative brands.

  1. Showcase your brand at every step

We’ve talked about the business of creativity—contract negotiations, NDAs, managing concept reviews, and so on. Most creatives don’t relish these activities, but they are a necessity. They are also an opportunity. Business documents don’t have to be boring. Well-designed contracts, proposals, and even invoices, converted to intelligent PDF files using Acrobat DC, demonstrate your attention to detail, professionalism, and respect for information security, while creative proofs delivered via PDF protect both your client’s assets and your creative ideas.

With Acrobat DC, your documents not only look good, they also work harder for you. For example, a contract can be sent to a client for approval with the highest level of security and legal compliance using the Acrobat DC Send for Signature tool, which is based on the same enterprise-class technology powering Adobe Sign within Adobe Document Cloud. With Acrobat DC, clients and prospects can engage with your brand at every stage, from an initial proposal through to the final sign-off on a concept.

  1. Leverage built-in document intelligence

Free up your time to do more creative work and less admin by converting business forms that you use regularly into smart PDF files that you can distribute directly from within Acrobat DC. Acrobat DC can turn static fields in a Microsoft Word document, PDF, or even a scanned paper document into fillable ones.

Let’s say you’ve designed a contract in Adobe InDesign and you want your clients to be able to complete and return the contract electronically. Simply convert the file into a PDF, open it in Acrobat DC, and select the Prepare Form tool. From there, Acrobat will automatically detect and create interactive form fields while maintaining the design of your document. You can even click the Distribute button to send the contract directly to clients, enabling them to complete it and send it back without ever having to print it out.

On the flip side, if you’re constantly asked to complete client forms, you can also use Acrobat DC to populate form fields with reusable text from your autofill collection—such as rates and terms—reducing the amount of time you spend on redundant work.

Branded forms and documents can be stored and shared in the cloud for easy access from any device at any time. That also means you can keep the entire creative workflow in the digital realm. Document protection and Send & Track capabilities within Acrobat offer powerful tracking for greater visibility, and controls to protect sensitive information. All of this makes document processes infinitely more productive and secure. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and peace of mind—and your brand will reap the benefits.

  1. The company you keep

We all know how important collaboration is to the creative workflow. The same can be said on the business side of things. Adobe has teamed with leading file management services to transform the digital document process. Acrobat users can access, view, and edit any PDF files stored in Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, or SharePoint, directly from their Acrobat account. Changes saved to PDF files are automatically saved and synced to your accounts. You can make the most of these integrations to help build your brand: after all, you are the company you keep.

Learn more about how to bolster your creative brand while creating more immersive, reliable document experiences with Adobe Acrobat DC.

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