Four Powerful Ways to Use UGC to Influence Shoppers and Accelerate Conversion

by Bridget Roman

posted on 09-27-2017

With its powerful ability to influence and convert online shoppers, user-generated content (UGC) has become a strategic cornerstone of the retail marketer’s toolkit.

Recent data confirms that an overwhelming 90 percent of online shoppers consider UGC to be the most influential factor in their purchase decision (TurnTo), and accoring to OfferPop, UGC results in 29% higher conversions than websites without it (OfferPop). The message is clear — it’s imperative to leverage UGC to drive deeper loyalty, generate new leads, and increase revenue to meet business goals. Now with UGC Commerce — the newest Experience Manager Livefyre capability — organizations can seamlessly add UGC to the shopping experience to satisfy customer expectations and bolster their bottom line.

With the new UGC Commerce capabilities, you can:

  1. Seamlessly connect your product catalog with UGC by syncing your catalog in Experience Manager Commerce with Experience Manager Livefyre. This powerful integration enables you to automatically import product information into Livefyre — including SKUs, thumbnail images, and product names — and then easily associate your products with user-generated content. If you’re using another e-commerce solution, a simple manual upload of your product catalog file will also bring product information into Livefyre. By early 2018, Adobe will open the Livefyre API, enabling retailers to incorporate websites leveraging any commerce platform, beginning with Google Shopping.

  2. Increase conversion on your product pages by surfacing user generated photos, videos, and comments from social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in a Livefyre Media Wall, Mosaic or Filmstrip (available Nov. 2017) visualization, providing highly sought-after social validation directly at the point of purchase.

  1. Increase traffic to your product pages by integrating a Livefyre Mosaic, Media Wall or Filmstrip (available Nov. 2017) visualization on your website that contain user-generated images, videos and comments related to your products. Add direct links and customizable call-to-action buttons that drive customers directly into the purchase path.

By late 2017, the UGC Commerce capability will also enable you to use our smart visualizations, like Filmstrip, to dynamically match UGC to individual product pages, so that you can implement these powerful experiences at scale.

  1. Capture new leads, increase app downloads, and drive website traffic from a Media Wall, Mosaic, or Filmstrip visualization that contains a customized call to action specifically designed to meet your business needs. The UGC Commerce capability scales beyond the retail use case to fit the needs of any organization in any vertical industry looking to drive their business forward.

With industry-leading rights request functionality built into Experience Manager Livefyre, you can seamlessly request permission to publish the creator’s content, and confidently bring these compelling experiences to market, knowing you have approval to do so. Plus, measure conversion results for these experiences using configurable referral tracking codes within Adobe Analytics or any other analytics solution.

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