ICYMI: September’s Most Inspiring Art

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 09-29-2017

Photo by Sam Mcallister, 21, for the Create Dialogue Challenge

It was a month of video games for medicine, climate action photographers, artist face-offs, and art that reminds us why creating for impact is so important.

Bet you didn’t think the future of medicine was in gaming.

Students at Salt Lake City’s Spy Hop created a video game that is under FDA-approvals because it can now be prescribed as supplementary treatment for cancer.

Empower Stars is a therapeutic video game for children with cancer. Currently under FDA approvals, this game was created by Spy Hop students for pediatric Cancer patients to play during their recovery.

Learn more about the game that’s leveling up our approach to healthcare.

Photographers are sparking important dialogue about Climate Change.

TEDxTeen’s Create Dialogue Challenge brought the work of wildly talented climate-action photographers to light. These artists are proving that by visualizing the changes happening to our planet, we can inspire and affect real change. See how photographers are creating dialogue about the issue.

Character designers are revealing their true character.

Character design removes judgement from the equation. We are not our appearances, we are our art. We are artists; we are human.

Introspective design wipes away society’s projection of who we are and reveals our inner selves. This proven more than ever by the insane talents of the artists who submitted to the Pictoplasma Face-Off Challenge.

Discover the hidden world only character design can reveal.

Want to see more inspiring art from creatives making moves towards impact? Browse impact-driven artwork now.

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