[Adobe & Partner] XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager and FontoXML

by Jan Benedictus

Posted on 10-03-2017

Technical documentation is of increasing importance for the customer journey that companies offer their clients and prospects. The XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager is the solution for organizations breaking down the barriers between technical and marketing content.

The importance of structured content is growing. As a result, the task of structured content authoring is increasingly spread across the enterprise. No longer is structured content authoring work for technical communication specialists only, but subject matter experts from all around the enterprise are involved.

While Adobe FrameMaker is the editor of choice for technical documentation and the perfect tool for technical writers, extending AEM with the FontoXML web-based authoring tool allows everyone in the enterprise to write structured content.

Screenshot of the Adobe Experience Manager integration with FontoXML

A superior experience for web-based structured XML authoring

Subject matter experts, marketers and others outside the technical documentation department are usually not trained in structured content authoring or XML. It is important for authors that the structured XML-editor they are using closely resembles the ways of working they are used to. For a successful adoption of structured content authoring, the absence of a learning curve is essential.

FontoXML is an intuitive web-based XML editor that can be used without any XML knowledge or training. XML content is presented in a WYSIWYG-like way, and cursor-and keyboard behavior closely resembles that in general word-processing tools. However, “under the hood,” authors are directly editing XML, which means that the documents they create or edit are always compliant with the XML schema.

DITA Editing in FontoXML

FontoXML solely needs a browser to run and perfectly fits in the web-interface and architecture of AEM. Configuring FontoXML for specific user-requirements is easy and rapid allowing you to optimize the authoring experience.

Content authoring successfully decentralized

Structured content authoring may be complex by nature. FontoXML “hides” that complexity. All powerful features of DITA are available:

Advantages of FontoXML at a Glance

Seeing is believing!

Got curious on how FontoXML will engage your authors and want to know more?

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About FontoXML


FontoXML is a solution based on 20 years of experience in the online publishing industry. Fonto Group is a company based in The Hague (Netherlands) and originates from Liones, an interactive agency for publishers. Based on this experience, FontoXML has a strong focus on user experience. The team behind FontoXML consists for 50 % of UX designers and frontend developers, constantly enforcing its recognized best-of-breed position for online authoring.

Next to FontoXML editor, Fonto Group’s products include Fonto Document History and Changes, Fonto Preview and Fonto Import and Convert.

FontoXML is used by organizations across Europe and the USA. Users include technical companies, publishers, governments and international organizations.

Please feel free to contact Jan Benedictus at Fonto Group if you need any further information concerning the software.

You can also connect with Jan on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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