Introducing Portfolio’s New Integration With Adobe Lightroom

Whether you’re a weekend adventurer or working the red carpet, Adobe Lightroom is a critical tool in every photographer’s kit. Designed with creatives like you in mind, Adobe Portfolio makes showcasing your work effortless. And it just got even better. Now with the Lightroom integration on Adobe Portfolio, you can easily import your Collections and publish your best shots on your customized website in just a few clicks.

Website Pages & Integrations

When you head over to Manage Content on Adobe Portfolio, you’ll notice that the section has been broken into two tabs: Website Pages and Integrations. Website Pages show all of the Galleries and Pages currently created on your Portfolio. Integrations allow you to connect to your Adobe Lightroom Collections and set the gallery where future Behance projects will appear.

Adobe Lightroom Collections on Adobe Portfolio

Portfolio’s new Integration allows you to select any of the Lightroom Collections you’ve created and import the images to a Page on Adobe Portfolio. The entire Collection will be transformed into a Photo Grid within a new Page. You can edit the new Photo Grid to reorder or delete an image. As with every Page, you can add additional text, images, videos, or embedded content.

Behance Projects on Adobe Portfolio

Importing Projects from Behance has never been easier. If you have a Behance account associated with your Adobe ID, you’ll see a new option to set a default import Gallery. Going forward, whenever you create a new Project on Behance, Portfolio will automatically import it as a Page in the gallery you selected.

Integration Badges

To keep track of all of your Pages and their sources, we’ve also added product badges to the Manage Content section. Whenever you import from Adobe Lightroom or Behance, you’ll see a corresponding badge below the Page’s title. This is especially helpful when you want to re-import content you may have updated on Behance or Adobe Lightroom: simply click the gear icon next to the Page title and select the action you’d like to take.

Portfolio continues to make building your own customized creative website easier by leveraging one of the creative world’s most popular applications.

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