5 things we learned at OFFF London

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 10-09-2017

Last week we headed down to OFFF London, an action-packed festival of creativity, featuring inspirational talks from some of the hottest artists and design studios on the planet.

We were thrilled to host an Adobe Stock experience like no other, where hundreds of creatives got their creative juices flowing, creating new worlds in VR and browsing through over 90 million assets on Adobe Stock to produce personalised water bottles.

The Adobe Stock stand featured a VR experience, hands-on stand and a chillout area

Visitors could browse through the Adobe Stock library of over 90 million assets to create their perfect design

1. There’s nothing wrong with a “quickie” – German design duo Foreal keep their creative minds exercised with short projects that they call “quickies.” These mini pieces of work are inspired by their interests rather than client requests and give them content to add to their portfolios, most of which have led to new commissions.

Forreal share some of their most successful designs

2. You can create new worlds using Adobe Stock – Artist and designer Margot Bowman highlighted how Adobe Stock is the bridge to creating fantasy worlds. By overlaying everyday objects onto out-of-the-ordinary backgrounds, you can create stunning results. Check out the wallpaper Margot created for our Adobe Stock stand.

Margot Bowman’s wallpaper for the Adobe Stock stand, created entirely with Adobe Stock assets

3. London is the creative capital of the worldFutureDeluxe, a design, technology and moving image studio believes that the world’s most creative community is right on our doorstep, “We have the most creative community right here in London. London we salute you.” Carl Addy, Creative Director at The Mill shares this sentiment, “It’s very hard to live in a city like London and not be inspired to be a louder more potent person of yourself… if you embrace the culture, it forces you to articulate who you are in a really bold sense.”

FutureDeluxe praised London’s creative community

4. Discover your style through hard graft – Spanish illustrator Ricardo Cavolo believes you’ll only be able to define your signature style through “a lot of hard work.” Years of craft helped Ricardo to perfect his eye-catching, colourful creations, using symbolism to “send positive vibes and make people feel powerful.”

Ricardo’s emotive, colourful designs for the Bally x Swizz collaboration

Gordon Reid explains why you should never stop learning

5. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone – Founder of Middleboop, Gordon Reid gave some home truths during his talk, stating “no one is good enough to stop learning.” To stay ahead of the competition, make sure you continue to, “Evolve, adapt and do things that are out your comfort zone.”

Did you make it down to OFFF London? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so why not drop us a line in the comments section below? For more behind the scenes footage, head over to our YouTube channel.

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