Did You See the New Trailer for Star Wars?

by Joe Martin

posted on 10-11-2017

Did you see the new trailer for Star Wars? That is no doubt the phrase around the water cooler this week. The trailer was definitely hard to miss, as it was promoted during a highly televised Monday Night Football game. The game may have looked more like a baseball score at halftime (3-2 lead for the Vikings), but nobody much cared after the trailer aired. Within 15 minutes, the trailer had 80 thousand social engagements on its Twitter handle and 280 thousand views on YouTube. Lost amongst the fanfare was the true brilliance of Disney’s marketing scheme to maximize profit and insights into activities others can do that profit in the digital and social world we live in.

Steady drum beat of content.

Disney has been masterful with the established Star Wars brand which it purchased for $4 billion in 2012. They have consistently put out content around the movies through posters, trailers, the movies themselves, digital banners, and a video game — and they even have Star Wars day. In 2013, it made $225 million from Hasbro just for the rights to produce Star Wars toys. All of these pieces help produce a consistent lure every few months to keep our minds not far from the force within us.

The value of consistent content from branded channels both shows the ability to be a thought leader and the chance to continually have your brand on the top of your customers’ mind. New research, points of view, video content, and blog posts can all be a part of your consistent content strategy developed around your specific audience.

Stars active on social.

When you have Luke Skywalker on your side, it’s hard to go wrong. I have seen countless people screenshotting and posting images of a simple engagement they had on Twitter with Mark Hamill (@hamillhimself). This has the ability to produce up to 500 percent more mentions compared to shows where a star is not actively promoting.

Having an active employee, influencer, and customer base talking positively about your brand can provide an added boost to your drum beat of content. Variety said that 8 out of 10 teens name social stars over celebrities as their influencers. Having all of these people engaging with other customers can provide a powerful social reach.

Cross promotion.

The ultimate double dipping happened when Disney showed multiple trailers during Monday Night Football on ESPN (a property that Disney also owns). This is brilliant because sports is the most watched “live” event, so they can charge extra ad dollars for the increased audience waiting to see the trailer.

If you are part of an enterprise business with multiple products and services, the cross promotion opportunities can open your business up to new audiences without spending extra money for advertising. Look for ways to engage in cross promotion through blog posts, social sharing, or television in similar ways that Disney does.

The ability of your brand to create a steady drum beat of content, to be active on social from various non-brand sources, and to look for cross promotion opportunities can lead to a maximization of the profits you are searching for. Count me as one of the many millions excited to see the new Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. While most are keeping their eye on Kylo Ren and Luke, I’ll be the one glorying in and learning from a excellent playbook from Disney, one equipped for a primetime ESPN game.