5 Reasons You Should Use Adobe Stock for Enterprise

Enterprises need to develop systems to achieve content velocity. There has never been a stronger demand to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 88% of organizations use content marketing; however, investing in effective strategies and workflows is a major focus for businesses. Adobe Stock for enterprise can help accelerate your organization’s creativity by letting your team spend more time creating and less time managing stock assets. Here is a closer look at five ways Adobe Stock for enterprise makes it easy for your team to search and license world-class assets inside Adobe Creative Cloud apps – and how that can help you achieve your content, marketing and design goals.

Quickly access millions of images

Visual content is an important part of today’s marketing mix. 59% of customers in Adobe’s State of Content research would rather engage with beautifully designed content than simple content, and 54% felt that good design – including layout and photography – was important. More than half of consumers (57%) would rather watch a video than read an article about a breaking news event. Adobe Stock for enterprise gives your team easy access to a massive and fast-growing library of 90million images, graphics, videos, and Premium and Editorial content in the creative apps they are already using every day. With 60,000 new images being added daily, it is easy to find visual content that is relevant to your projects.

Find creative inspiration without interrupting workflows

The New York Times reported that it can take 25 minutes to get back on track after every interruption. With integrated workflows, it is possible for your designers and creatives to find inspiration without ever leaving their projects. Adobe Stock is built into Creative Cloud applications like Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC. It is possible to search for, license, and share images and videos through the Creative Cloud Libraries panel without bouncing between programs and browsers. Users can open a watermarked photo in the project they are working on, edit it, and then purchase it with one click – while retaining any edits made and sharing the final version with your entire team. Uninterrupted workflows help your creatives stay focused and increase productivity.

Use efficient search to find what you need fast

Wading through millions of images when you’re looking for the perfect picture of snowy mountains for a travel brochure or the latest IOT device for a website can be challenging. Adobe Stock for enterprise offers powerful search capabilities that make it easy to find the perfect image. Users can refine search results with filters, browse themed collections, or access content from leading photographers through Adobe Stock’s Premium collection. It is even possible to search for images in different languages or to stay on budget with price-based searches.

Stay on top of enterprise licensing concerns

Enterprises need simple, effective systems to gain access to the visuals they need while addressing enterprise license management. Adobe Stock’s images are royalty-free, so your team can deliver global campaigns while always staying in compliance. When needed, Extended licenses allow you to integrate images into projects you will sell or distribute. Centralized reporting in a single dashboard makes it easy to audit your licensing for images purchased through Adobe Stock for enterprise at any time. And for enterprise customers who work with discriminating clients, Stock for enterprise can provide optional unwatermarked comp images to streamline the approval process.

Capture important efficiency gains without any pain

Your team’s productivity will increase, thanks to integrated workflows. Research shows creative professionals can work with Adobe Stock assets up to 10 times faster than with other stock services. A recent Pfeiffer Report found that it takes 16 seconds to license and replace an image in a project with Adobe Stock, while it takes nearly 3 minutes with other stock providers. The time-savings are even more dramatic for more complex creative work: licensing, replacing, and making multiple image adjustments takes 42 seconds in Adobe Stock, versus 7 minutes and 16 seconds with other stock providers.

Learn more about the benefits of Adobe Stock for enterprise – including how your team can get started – by visiting our Adobe Stock for enterprise Tip Sheet today.