Design Your Own Adventure with Airstream

by Elissa Dunn Scott

posted on 10-13-2017

In 1931, Airstream began with Wally Byam’s dream: to design a travel trailer that would move like a stream of air, be light enough to be towed by a car, and create first-class accommodations anywhere. Wally’s focus on sleek and highly efficient design is a value we have maintained through the decades. The Airstream Globetrotter is our latest iteration of commitment to Wally’s vision. This trailer is a celebration of European design. With its soft curves and symmetry, the Globetrotter offers a clean, uncluttered look that celebrates simplicity and order. It’s our most design-forward Airstream that feels as comfortable as it is cosmopolitan.

Part of our mission has always been, “To open a whole world of new experiences…a new dimension in enjoyment where travel, adventure, and good fellowship are your constant companions.” To us, innovation is just as important as maintaining the classic Airstream look and feel. As we launch our latest designs and continue looking forward to offer people a world of new experiences, we’re challenging and inviting the world’s top designers to share their favorite creations with us in the form of an exterior trailer wrap.

What would it look like to have your designs featured on the exterior of one of our iconic travel trailers? It’s time to find out.

Visit to download your Airstream Travel Trailer template and find a full set of instructions. Use this template to throw your personal touch on one of our travel trailers. Think big, bold, over the top… or calm, cool, and understated – we want you to express your own signature style.

Once you have created your very own travel trailer wrap, upload your designs onto Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag: #AirstreamDesignContest. The winner will be chosen by a team of Airstream and Adobe executives and announced on November 15, 2017. Qualifying entries will be judged on skill, originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact, and artistic merit.

For the winner of this contest, the entire contiguous United States will be your playground as you will receive a 1 month road trip as a part of Airstream’s Endless Caravan – in a travel trailer featuring your designs!

Topics: Creative Inspiration & Trends